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India to set up four more nuclear power plants to generate 6, 800 MW

September 24, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

M Rama Rao in Asian Tribune

September 24, 2005

New Delhi: Close on the heels of an agreement with the US for nuclear technology transfer for civilian purposes, Indian cabinet has decided to set up four nuclear power plants that will generate 6,800 MWs.

One of these will be a pressurized heavy water reactor plant of two units at Kakrapar in Gujarat where India’s rail head for Pakistan is to be opened by January. The rail line from Kakrapar will connect Munnabao on the Pakistan side and re-0pen the traditional route for interaction between Sindh in Pakistan and Gujarat and Rajasthan on the Indian side.

The Kakrapar plant will be designed to produce 1400 MW of nuclear power and meet the growing power demand in the industrial belt o Gujarat and Rajasthan.

Rajasthan too will get a pressurized heavy water reactor to produce another 1400MWs

The other nuclear power plants, for which the Indian cabinet has given in principle approval will be located at Kudankulam in Tamil Nadu (2×1,000MW light water reactors), and Jaitapur in Maharashtra (2×1,000MW light water reactors).

‘With the setting up of these four plants, the total nuclear power capacity in the northern, western and southern regions of the country will go up considerably,’ cabinet spokesman and Minister for Information and Broadcasting S Jaipal Reddy told reporters after the cabinet meeting.

India has at present 14 working nuclear power plants; another nine are being built at Tarapur in Maharashtra, Rawatbhata in Rajasthan, Kalpakkam in Tamil Nadu, Narora in Uttar Pradesh, Kaiga in Karnataka and Kudankulam in Tamil Nadu.

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