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French N-tech firms eying India

Indrani Bagchi in Times of India

May 18, 2006,

PARIS: The day after the India nuclear agreement clears hurdles in the US Congress and the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSSG), French nuclear energy major Areva will be beating down the doors, asking to be let in.

Flying at the head of third generation nuclear reactor technology, Areva is currently updating a 2004 feasibility study in India for six pressurized water reactors upgrading the second generation 1000 PWRs to the new 1600 MW “evolutionary power reactors”, currently the hottest technology in the sector, said Arthur Montalembert, international director, Areva.

In 2003, India’s department of Atomic Energy and NPCIL (Nuclear Power Corporation of India) had commissioned Areva to do a feasibility study for six reactors at a site near Jaitapur in Maharashtra, a study completed in 2004.

But then the India-US nuclear deal was not even a twinkle in the eye. As the deal looks like it could actually see the light of day, global nuclear energy majors are polishing their swords.

According to sources, Westinghouse, GE, Atomstroy Export and Areva will be at the starting line-up to bid for nuclear power reactors for India.

While the first three companies will offer the existing second generation PWRs, Areva, French officials said, will put on the table its third generation EPR, the first of which is currently being built in Finland and will be stationed at Flamanville, in France’s Normandy province and due to go online in 2012.

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