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DAE considering coastal sites for new nuke power plants

From Zee News

October 2, 2006

Mumbai, Oct 02: Department of Atomic Energy (DAE) is looking for three-four new coastal locations to house 1000 MW nuclear power plants with foreign collaboration despite the delay in the American legislation on the Indo-US civilian nuclear deal.

A special committee under S K Jain, chairman of Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited (NPCIL), has been set up by DAE to identify the coastal locations.

“The identification of three to four sites will be in addition to the existing Kudankulam in Tamil Nadu and Jaitapur in Maharashtra, as DAE expects a huge expansion of nuclear power programme through imported route,” Jain said here.

“We are already taking necessary steps to identify the sites in a proactive fashion so that whenever there is demand to expand – either through the Indo-US deal or other bilateral deals, we will be in a position to work on these coastal sites,” he said.

On the expansion of Kudankulam, Jain said “We want to put up at least four units of 1000 MW plants in that nuclear island.”

In the case of Jaitapur coastal site in Ratnagiri district, NPCIL expects to have eight to 10 plants of 1000 MW each at the rate of two at a time and with a gap of two to three-and-a-half years.

Jain said NPCIL has conducted preliminary talks with three vendors — Russia, France and America.

In the case of collaboration with the American industry, “We are looking at basic designs and software while the heavy equipment for their projects have to imported from Japan and South Korea,” Jain said.

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