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Villagers slam Narayan Rane’s remarks on Jaitapur power project

October 21, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

From the DNA Newspaper

October 21, 2010

Villagers from Madban, Niveli, Mithgavhane, Karel and Ansure, the five villages which will come under the proposed 9,900 MW Jaitapur Nuclear Power Project in Ratnagiri district, gathered in Mumbai on Wednesday, protesting against revenue minister Narayan Rane’s remarks, where he stated that the villagers are supporting the power project.

“We, and when I say we, I mean all five villages, have been protesting against the project from 2005. If we are to believe Rane that villagers are supporting the project, then he should explain to us why these villages have been facing section 144 and 151, which prevents people from gathering at one spot, and who opposed the contractors on August 2, from surveying the area?” said Shailesh Waghdhare, one of the villagers from Madban.

The villagers claimed that none of the villages have accepted the compensation package. “We are not ready to give our farmlands for the project. The question of compensation package does not arise. No one has asked the government for money. Why are they creating a false picture of us?” said Shamsundar Narvekar, another villager.

Bhikaji Waghadhare, sarpanch of Madban, said that police commissionerate, Konkan region Paramveer Singh has been coming to the villages saying he wants to maintain law and order.

“The villages have been flooded with police vans and police personnel. That is because the government wants to suppress our agitation. I was arrested for protesting against the project. Isn’t it enough to prove that villagers are against the project?” said Waghadhare.

The agitators are firm on their stand saying no compensation package will satisfy them because they do not want to lose their farmland at any cost. “We understand the power need. We are not anti-national. But how can the government even think of power generation by destroying our lives? We survive on agriculture and fishery business, which will be taken away from us. We will not let this happen, at any cost,” said Mangesh Kaskar of Niveli village.
The government’s compensation package was burned publicly in Ratnagiri on Sunday, as a sign of protest. The villagers have made it clear that their agitation will intensify in coming months if the government fails to take back its decision.

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