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Analytical development model could have avoided Jaitapur issue

February 5, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Anilk Kakodkar in Times of India (Pune edition)

Feb 5, 2011

PUNE: Former chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission Anil Kakodkar on Friday said the controversy regarding the Jaitapur nuclear power project could have been avoided if the country had the analytical development model, where a group of experts from various walks of life forecast the impact of any major project and suggest precautionary measures to minimise problems.

“While working on the proposed Jaitapur plant, I could not form such a group despite repeated efforts. This would have helped prevent the controversy we are witnessing now. However, I am still hopeful of forming such a group, which is the need of the hour”, Kakodkar said while speaking on ‘Development and Environment’ at the launch of a magazine ‘Change for Better’.

“An analytical development model would comprise among others social scientists, economists and environmentalists, who would prepare a detailed impact report according to their respective disciplines. It would offer a detailed report of the project and forecast the changes it would bring to the region. At present, the discussion about the project resembles the tale of an elephant and six blind men, where everybody has some input but nobody is aware of the larger and overall picture.”

Development and environment are not different compartment; we need to think of the both together, he said. Commenting on the proposed Jaitapur project, he said, “The radiation from one kilogram of uranium ore utilisation is less than the radiation from one kilogram of coal combustion. But the energy received from the former source is much higher than that from the latter. Though this has been proved, this power project is still being criticised.”

Kakodkar underlined the increasing need of power in the coming years, as the aspirations and purchasing power of people grows. Such projects should be welcomed in view of the future requirements and need for power in the country for various purposes, he said.

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